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Design & Development

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Kaliber provide front end design support for all cabling and associated projects. From the simplest of cable harnesses to most complex wiring looms; from power distribution boxes to control boxes. We can build to your existing drawing specifications, or if you require the development of a new design; all requests pass through our Engineering department.

The key to Kaliber's success lies in an expert engineering team, who will:

  • Produce 2D drawings in HarnWare incorporating a component list and wiring schematic
  • Create 3D models in Creo Parametric [formerly Pro/E] which can be exported as IGES, STEP, DXF, etc files to most 3D CAD systems (such as Solid Works, Pro-Engineering and Catia). These industry standard formats are also compatible with CAM systems for accurate reproduction of metal work.
  • Provide input on system design, component selection & harness configuration aimed at reducing costs without affecting performance
  • Provide reverse engineering for products where drawings are not available

Kaliber provide extensive On-Site Engineering Support worldwide, consisting of but not limited to the following:

  • Design Consultation
  • Manufacture of prototypes and installation
  • Measuring for fit and system installation
  • On Site Prototype Trial support.
  • Training

Drawings and/or application requirements are scrutinised to translate these into, firstly, a competitive quotation and then into a process control document for manufacture. Engineer's extensive knowledge of materials, sources and design methodologies allow them to determine the best options to present for your approval. Often judicious selection of materials and source of supply allows significant cost to be taken out of a project.

Design & Development Equipment

  • HarnWare

    HarnWare is a proven electrical wiring harness design system developed by TE Connectivity for the production of 2D drawings detailing component lists and wiring schematics. The HarnWare database includes over 100,000 products, with the capability of part selection to ensure compatibility with mating parts and service conditions. HarnWare estimates build times, automatically generates optimum lays for cables to ensure flexible and circular constructions, produces cross-sections of cables and keyway identification.

    HarnVis is the link between our 2D cable design and 3D electro-mechanical design. HarnVis allows us to integrate our cable designs into the 3D assemblies to check routing, fitment and keyway orientation before any prototypes have been built.

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  • Creo Parametric

    Creo Parametric provides the broadest range of powerful yet flexible 3D CAD design capabilities. This flexibility enables Kaliber to help address the most pressing design challenges: including accommodating late stage changes, working with multi-CAD data and electromechanical design. Kaliber utilise the Creo software to create 3D designs of box builds for demanding customer requirements; this powerful tool coupled with our extensive knowledge and understanding of electro-mechanical assemblies allows Kaliber to provide full turnkey solutions for all kinds of demanding applications. The 3D models are used after the design stage to create space models and production jigs to help with the manufacturing, test and inspection processes internally.


  • Proteus

    Proteus PCB design combines the ISIS schematic capture and ARES PCB layout programs to provide a powerful, integrated suite of tools for professional PCB Design.

    ISIS schematic capture combines a powerful design environment with the ability to define most aspects of the drawing appearance. It allows for the rapid entry of complex designs for simulation and PCB layout.

    ARES PCB layout allows for total control of the routing process, allowing Kaliber to route either by writing custom routing scripts or by directly entering routing commands interactively. This allows for many additional features such as the ability to route only particular areas or net classes. The ability to export 3D models of PCB's means we can integrate this aspect of design into our 3D assemblies to ensure everything fits as intended.


  • 3D Printer

    Kaliber's 3D printers have brought a new dimension to the Engineering team's capabilities. With the ability to export 3D CAD models as STL files; our Engineering team can now print 3D models for a wide range of applications. These include production/test 'jigs', space models and visual aids for proposals to customers. Our engineering team can now go from a design spec to prototype/space models very quickly. This allows us to prototype custom metal work and check fitment quickly and at no cost to you.

    This rapid prototyping allows us to iterate on designs at a low cost and a fast turn-around; if the requirements change we can re-design and re-print, rapidly.

    Our 3D printing capabilities are:

    • Dual Extruders
    • Variety of material options, such as:
      • PLA
      • PVA
      • ABS
      • Nylon

    If you are interested in utilising this capabilty we can offer a print only service, or we can also provide a modelling service from our Engineering department.

    To enquire about either of these services, please contact us on 01793 533600 or [email protected].

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