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Quality Assurance

Quality Management System

Kaliber has incorporated the AS9100 rev D standard as our Quality Management System in order to ensure product conformity and on time delivery to the highest possible standard. Our Quality Management System ensures that all aspects of Kaliber work in tandem and continually improve the processes and procedures’ ensuring the highest standard is set.


Internal Audits

Kaliber has a documented and maintained internal audit procedure. These quality audits verify that Kaliber’s quality activities and results conform to the Quality Management System and current accreditation. All results of the quality audits are documented, implemented and effectiveness of the corrective actions taken are verified.


Supplier Control

Kaliber maintains a list of approved suppliers and a quality history that incorporates on time delivery and frequency of non-conformance. Suppliers are approved based on accreditation, Experian credit level/score, and questionnaire. An internal supply chain management system monitors all suppliers and is evaluated biannually. Kaliber has an established documented procedure to externally audit suppliers based on AS9100 specification or any customer specific criteria.


Material Control

All inward parts are checked against a purchase order to ensure compliance. Non-conforming or faulty goods are quarantined pending supplier investigation. When parts are delivered into stores, the parts are given a unique GRN to allow traceability throughout the parts life. Provisions have been made to provide proper handling and storage to prevent damage and contamination of parts.  Kaliber have the capability of handeling ESD components.


Product Control

All product manufactured at Kaliber is controlled by Routecards. This ensures traceability is maintained throughout various processes. Routecards are filled in as appropriate, informing the processes undertaken, the personnel responsible, tooling used, and traceability of material manufactured. Bespoke Routecards are created for products that require special build processes to capture all relevant information. Routecards are scanned once product is despatched to ensure future traceability.

All product is monitored and measured throughout the whole manufacturing process using a bespoke bar-coded scanning system. This is visualised on Kalibers production tracking screens that are used to manage orders throughout the manufacturing process to ensure on time delivery.

Process Control Documents are generated to clearly define the process steps during the manufacturing build.