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Tooling & Calibration

Kaliber possess over 1800 Crimp tools, wire strippers, soldering irons, heat guns, torque equipment, Test and Measurement equipment and many other industry related tooling.  Kaliber’s bespoke tooling database stores all calibration records, and maintains the lifecycle of tools, indicating when calibration is required.

Kaliber calibrate the majority of these tools in house using the state of the art measuring devices. The following equipment ensures all tools/measuring equipment are calibrated within the parameters set by the manufacturer’s specification:


TorqueLeader ET-Cal


The ET-cal 100 Core System measures torque from 4-100 N.m (36-888 lbf.inch) at an accuracy of ± 1%. It has an RS232 interface to allow realtime download of peak torque value and unit of measurement. The ET-cal 100 Core System is used in production as well as calibration. For production it is used to verify that adaptors are being torqued to the correct values as indicated by manufacturer’s specifications. For calibration, it is used to verify the torque wrenches are calibrated within their set tolerances.


Mitutoyo Laser Micrometer


Mitutoyo LSM902 ultra-high precision laser scan micrometer can measure as accurately to ±0.05µm. This is used to verify that the diameter of Go/No-Go gauges is within the manufacturers’ tolerance. It is also a very useful tool when checking product to supplier specification to determine non-conformity.

MecMesin Pull Force


MecMesin Multitest 2.5-x has a load cell that performs pull force up to 2500Newtons. It also has the capability to produce graphs. The pull force machine verifies that the mechanical strength of crimped contacts are to the manufacturer’s specification/IPC620. 


All master calibration equipment (such as the items above) are calibrated externally by UKAS approved calibration houses.  Tools that can not be calibrated internally are sent out externally, normally to the manufacturer for calibration or to a calibration house.