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As part of Kaliber's continual improvement scheme, we have recently purchased a new RF tester to enhance our testing capabilities on coax assemblies.

MS2028C Anritsu RF VNA tester is a 2-port, 2-path, fully-reversing VNA; that measures and displays all S-parameters with a single connection.  The Anritsu is used to verify that the coax terminations and coax itself is workling within its desired parameters.

Specific functions include:

  • 5kHz to 20GHz range
  • Two-active-port, fully reversing VNA
  • Measures all four S-parameters with a single connection
  • 350 usec per data point, ideal for filter tuning
  • 12-term error correction algorithm
  • Distance Domain option
  • Time Domain option includes Gated Time Domain, LP Processing, and Phasor Impulse mode