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Training Programme

In order to maintain our position as the highest quality producer of cable systems and associated assemblies in the marketplace, Kaliber has introduced its own comprehensive in-house training programme, focused primarily on recent school leavers. We have found over the years that there are insufficient skilled operators in the job market to suit our demanding requirements and have therefore set up our own trainee programme.

This has now been in place for over 2 years and to date we now have seven fully trained "graduates" out of a total of eleven starters.

All trainees go through the same programme to maintain consistency and includes a trial cable assembly when we feel they are ready to build it using the basic building elements they have learned. They all have weekly reviews with our MD, Production Manager and Production Supervisor in order to monitor progress and it usually takes up to 6 weeks to complete this basic training.

The trainees are then assigned the more straight forward assemblies to build under strict supervision with an experienced operator. and when both trainer and trainee feel confident they are given assemblies to build without the trainer, however a supervisor is on call should they need help and/or advice.

Trainees will learn a variety of skills including building ruggedised cables, working on electro-mechanical builds, wiring slip rings, motorsport wiring and many more.

This is an exciting and interesting programme and if you feel that you would like to be considered for a trainee position then please call Jenny Turner on 01793 401814 or email on [email protected].